Home Automation does the work for you!

Home automation is linking your lights, your door locks, your water heater and heating systems and countless other devices up to a central Hub which can be directly controlled from your tablet or smart phone at home or on the road.

Home Automation provides you piece of mind and time to carry on with our busy lives and schedules.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation?


Connected devices such as  thermostat regulators, automatic light switches, electricity monitoring outlets and water heater modules cut down on energy and water use.


Many things inside the home can be controlled remotely via apps on smartphones and tablets. In most cases, this control also works when you are out of the home, meaning you can close the front door lock from the airport, check the kids are home from school when at work, or confirm that you switched off your iron from the shops.


There are many simple, connected security solutions for the smart home that are inexpensive alternatives to 24/7 monitored security systems. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, connected motion sensors and smart smoke alarms can all be monitored from inside or outside a home via live video feed, email and text alerts.


Having the heat and kitchen lights turn on as you arrive home may seem like luxury. But convenience isn’t all about luxury. Smart locks can allow you to grant access to certain individuals at certain times like the plumber who has come in the middle of the day when you are at work.  A Wi-Fi enabled doorbell can let you “answer” your door from anywhere in the world.


Smart sensors that can detect water leaks, humidity levels, carbon monoxide, motion, heat and every environmental concern imaginable help prevent accidents from turning into disasters because they can communicate with you directly, wherever you are.

Senior Independence

Automated audible reminders and voice activated alert systems are just a few of the features of home automation that can help seniors lead independent lives for longer. Additionally, Wi-Fi connected cameras with two-way communication can help loved ones keep an eye on the elderly when they can’t physically check on them.


Lighting With the Phillips Hue lighting system

Simply replace the bulbs in your house with the Phillips globes and use your phone or tablet to control the color of each individual light bulb, as well as its on/off function. You can even control your lighting system when you’re away from home, which comes in handy when you’re headed home in the dark or when you’re on holidays and want the house to still look occupied.

Let the guests in without running to the door.

Preparing for your party but forgot something so you have to run to the shop? and then your first guest arrives? No problem! with smart home automation you can use your mobile phone or tablet to unlock the door and let them in Or as the party unfolds, keep the doors locked so you don’t get anyone unwelcome in your home, but use your automation app to let any late comers in.

Control the music, TV, or other entertainment source.

You can adjust the music and speakers from your Mobile phone or tablet while you host your party!

 Shut down everything after the party with the click of a button.

When all your guests have left and the night is over you can head straight to bed and use your mobile phone or tablet to ensure everything is turned off and the doors are locked.

Energy Efficency

It happens without thinking: Lights are left on, the thermostat gets set too high or too low for too long, or appliances quietly run up the energy bills unnoticed in the corner.

Home automation puts in you control with remote access through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Modern home automation tools like Geo Fencing allow your heating and cooling system that you are “coming home” or “leaving home,” getting your home to the ideal temperature, no matter what your schedule brings.

Here at Contract Services we use only the best of Home Automation appliances including:

Smart thermostats

Lighting controls

Smart power strips


Motion sensors

Sensors which can be placed anywhere arounf the house to detect either motion or lack of motion. If you are worried about an elderly relative living on their own you can check the sensors or have updates sent to your phone.

Moisture sensors

Sensors which identify potential problems with your heating and air conditioning system to reduce the risk of frozen pipes and other hazards.

Door and window sensors

Avoid unknowingly leaving doors and windows open, making your home more secure and reducing your monthly energy bill. The sensors monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows, alerting you when an incident occurs.

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